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Past Events at Hill Homes - Trees



Our period of temporary relocation from October 2015 has come to an end. LGS would like to express its gratitude and thanks to the management and all staff at Hill Homes - Trees for its generosity, making the space available to us for our regular Monday meetings, and for the help in promoting our music as a contribution to the residents' in-house activities. Also, we thank those residents who were encouraging and enthusiastic about listening to our sessions at our Monday evening meetings. We hope to continue our association by staging more concerts in the future.





Sunday Afternnon Recitals



February 21st 2016 3:30pm

The players were Andrew Bisgrove, Alan Jones, Dennis Cooke, Jim Parbury and Nedelina Zheleva.






May 22nd 2016 3:30pm









August 28th 2016 3:30pm

The players this time were Andrew Bisgrove with Laura Bethke, Dennis Cooke and Nick Hartley (Concordia Guitar Duo), and Oswaldo Santos.






November 27th 2016 3:40pm

Alan Jones, Susan Rayner (Singing, accom. Nick) Dennis Cooke and Nick Hartley (Concordia Guitar Duo), Majid Bakhtiari and Oswaldo Santos performed.















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March 19th 2017 3:45pm

For this recital, the first after our return to Lauderdale House, the players were Theo Hall, Andrew Bisgrove, Dennis Cooke, Nick Hartley and Robbie Sinclair. It was a fundraising event for Lauderdale Transformed, as had been the previous Sunday afternoon recitals.




October 1st 2017 3:45pm

This recital had the fewest participants from LGS - only Alan Jones, Dennis Cooke and Nick Hartley, but was no less enthusiastically enjoyed by the audience.


This programme was altered to have Alan playing Bach first and the 2 sets by Concordia becoming one.



April 29th 2018 3:45pm

A lovely collection of music highlighting some South American pieces plus original compositions by Oswaldo Santos.




December 2nd 2018 3:45pm

A hastily put together programme that was organised by Dennis, who played with duo partner Nick. It also gave an opportunity for three new players, Avron, Sara and Max. See Programme